Year End Casualty

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today marks my the last day of my ER rotation and I m happy that I can spend the coming of the new year here at home.

This afternoon in the few hours remaining in my ER rotation, one of the ambulance drivers noted a vehicular accident a couple of streets away from the hospital. The ER consultant then advise the patient to be picked up and brought to the hospital. So the ambulance made a quick rendezvous at the hospital grabbed some equipment and then went directly to the accident site. After a few minutes, I was sitting at the front desk when the ambulance arrived back at the hospital, I went out to meet them and the victim that came out of the ambulance shocked me. It was a street child around 9 to 10 years old, his face covered with blood. We then rushed him to the critical area and upon placing of the chest electrode the patient was already flatline. The patient's face was covered with his own blood, and the smell was really not that pleasant. Poor child not being able to meet and greet the coming new year. Hopefully tonight as I m at home no serious injuries even deaths are currently happening at the hospital and hopefully everyone will be healthy in greeting the new year. As we face another year in our lives, may our lives be healthy and blessed. Pleasant Day and a Prosperous New Year.


Clearing Acne In A Zap

>> Saturday, December 27, 2008

Acne has been one of the most if not the most irritating skin growths faced by mankind. Aside from the stinging sensation it gives on your face, it could also leave a mark on your face that could lower your self esteem and somehow make your face not that appreciated.

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Faces Of Death

>> Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last night's tour of duty was not that of a hustle except for a few surgical patients. But around 4:30 to 5:30 in the morning, I saw two people die in front of me. One died in the ICU while the other one died at the ER.

Around 4:30 in the morning, when I was about to sleep in one of the ER beds, a page was being sent by the operator saying a code 99 occurred in one of the rooms in the 4th floor. After the page, I stand up went upstairs with one of my ER residents. Upon arrival at the room, residents from the internal medicine department were already there. Patient was then transferred to ICU, while in the ICU patient suffered a cardiac arrest and I did CPR on the patient on alternates with another doctor. Eventually after 30 minutes of resuscitation, the patient eventually expired.

While resuscitation was ongoing at the ICU, one of the ER nurses called telling us that a patient arrive at the ER arrested. So after the patient expired at the ER, I went down right away at the ER to take a look at the situation. Resuscitation at the ER was on going and eventually after another 10 minutes the patient was declared dead. It was somehow gloomy to see to people die in front of you. After 2 hours, I ate breakfast then we had our morning endorsements and I was homeward bound. Pleasant Day


A Sleepless ER Duty

>> Friday, December 19, 2008

My 1st ER duty wasn't the ER duty that I expected nor wanted. Since morning up to dawn of the next day, ER patients were coming in like there was no end. Most of the patients coming in the ER were due to trauma or a vehicular accident. We had 1 casualty in the ER due to aspiration pneumonia. Aside from the complicated cases, opd cases also came in from morning to dawn. I was expecting that by around 1 in the morning I could get some sleep but unfortunately what I expected didn't happen. Insted of expecting to get sleep, I didn't get any, I only got a shallow closing of the eyes for less than 30 minutes I guess.

I was somewhat awake until 8 in the moring when we had our moring endorsements of the patients that were left from the night. After endorsements and once our relievers are already there, I went straight to the 4th floor to get some valuable and much needed sleep. I got around 2 hours of sleep before I went home.

Tomorrow marks another tour of duty at the ER, hopefully sleep won't be that elusive as what happen in my first duty. Pleasant Day


Day 1 - Emergency Room Rotation

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yesterday was my last day in my Surgery rotation, and as I moved on, today marks my first day as an emergency room rotator.

My first day in ER today was not quite remarkable, saw only a few patients most of which came in due to an elevated blood pressure. Nothing unusual happen in my day 1 rotation. Tomorrow marks my first tour of duty in the ER, hopefully nothing out of the blue happens.

In our ER setting, some patients usually seek consult due to fever, cough and some midnight workers just want to seek consult in order to get a medical certificate to excuse them from not going to work. Being in the Emergency room, we are the first line in dealing with patients, stabilize them if the have unstable vital signs and then referring them afterwards to the specific department. Its quite enjoyable when staying in the ER but sometimes it gets to tiring when a lot a patients come in and out of the ER door. As I face my first tour of duty tomorrow, hopefully ill make it through intact. Pleasant Day


Sunday Medical Mission

>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

This morning, I went to Cavite City (a local province) to joined a medical mission. I hold this medical mission near to my heart because I ve always attended this medical mission every December in the past couple of years. So again for this year, I was again their to attend the said medical mission.

We arrive at the site at around 9 in the morning, and before starting breakfast was serve among us. After breakfast we then started and divided ourselves into groups, one group was for adult patients, the other was for pediatric patients and another group was assigned for the local day care students. I was assigned to the pedia group and I thinked I saw about 100 patients for the whole day. The medical mission ended at around 3 in the afternoon and gifts were given to us by the sponsors. After having a brief merianda, all of us were homeward bound and as early as now, I m looking forward to next year's medical mission and hopefully my schedule next year would allow me to join again the said medical mission. Pleasant Day.


Report Annoying Phone Calls

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have you ever receive an annoying phone call just to find out that the other person was dialing a wrong number? How you ever had a phone call telling you you won something like money or property but after all the good stuff it was a scam?

The above mentioned experiences are just some calls that you want to avoid or try not take for they just waste your time. How about a site where you can report numbers on your caller ID and tell other people that those numbers are scam or they just tell you non-sense.

At Phone Number Reporting, you can report your experiences with different phone numbers and tell other people what to expect when they get a call from the said number. It could be a scam, a sales call or anything. At least when the people already know what to expect, they won't be surprised and would know what to do. So visit Phone Number Reporting and start reporting those numbers and you could also read reports from other people


Avulsed Thumb

>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another tour of duty ended, yesterday's tour of duty wasn't that of a hustle. We only had 2 admissions and 3 referrals for the department of Surgery. One admission was a 3 year old boy who accidentally closed a metal gate and trap his thumb in between and the result was an avulsed thumb.

Repair was supposed to be done at the ER unfortunately the patient won't cooperate. Screaming every time we try to clean his wound. So my resident decided to admit the patient and do it under sedation so the crying and screaming would stop. He was eventually admitted and was eventually scheduled the next day.

Young kids shouldn't be left out playing by themselves because they usually end up hurting themselves and end up in the emergency room. Keep a good eye on your kids when they play, things can get nasty if no one is around to watch them. Pleasant Day


Two Cases of Breast Cancer

>> Sunday, December 7, 2008

In my last tour of duty, we admitted 2 cases of breast cancer and both were scheduled to have a modified radical mastectomy the next day. The first one was in her early 50's while the other one is in her late 40's. Both of them noted a mass while doing the breast inspection.

In my earlier posts, I think around 2 months ago, I ve mentioned the importance of doing a routine breast examination. It s cheap and easily done at the leisure of your time, and it doesn't need an expert to detect if you have any abnormalities in your breast. The first patient, already had 3 excision biopsies done on her breast, the first 2 yielded benign results however the 3rd one was malignant. For the other one, she noted a mass on left breast and at first did not paid attention, however she noted the mass was rapidly growing, and an incision biopsy was done which showed an invasive ductal carcinoma.

Mastectomy was done the next day to both of them by two different attending surgeons. Hopefully after the surgery they would be cancer free. This two patients somehow points to the importance of self breast examination, with early detection of cancer, you could always go for cure. Pleasant Day.


Research Presentation

>> Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yesterday, as what I ve mentioned in my previous post that it was a contest of interesting cases but for today the senior residents were the one on the spotlight as they presented their different research papers for a good and educating contest.

As again I cheered for my surgery resident who showed a paper regarding prognostic scoring among patients who complain of right lower quadrant pain and who among them have appendicitis. His paper was great as it showed different scoring components which could aide the clinician in diagnosing acute appendicitis and when is the appropriate time to operate on the patient. Aside from that his paper also showed components on how to know if the appendicitis is a complicated one or not. All in all he presented a good paper. Unfortunately when the announcement of winners came, 1st place went to the department of Pediatrics for a study among children 6-12 years old who are obese at a certain public school. Anyways all who presented were winners in their own right because they all gave it time and effort. Looking forward to next year's competition. Pleasant Day


Interesting Case Presentation

>> Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This morning, I attended at the health tower near the hospital an interesting case presentation among the residents of the different clinical departments of the hospital. Since I m currently in Surgery, I went there cheering for my surgery resident, but all of us are pals at the hospital.

Each resident was allotted a total of 8 minutes to present their case and a question and answer portion came afterwards. My resident presented a case of anal marginal carcinoma are rare type of cancer which has a frequency of 7 in a million among males and 9 in a million among females. The case presentation was great and cheers came from the crowd. Other department residents also presented different interesting cases in their field of practice. The whole event lasted the whole morning and awards were given afterwards to the winners.

It is a good thing to see some friends competition among residents especially when promoting some diseases. Pleasant Day


5.11 Tactical Pants - Pants That Lasts

>> Monday, December 1, 2008

People now a days usually were pants as their normal ordinary attire when they go out or when they just simply hang out with friends. Some pants usually gets easily worn out or sometimes gets torn easily. How about getting pants that are known to last and its makers are in the pants business for a long 30 years? Pants that have been used by the Law Enforcement team may it be federal, state or local.

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